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Unauthorised Access error when accessing API access key via Python

Vit Jul 23, 2019 05:25PM +03

I have created a read-only access key for an index (hosted on Heroku). I can connect to the supplied URL via the browser (only using the non-SSL http:// link though, SSL always gives me "Unauthorized access" errors).

In Python, ElasticSearch defaults to port 9200, so I have to manually specify a different port, which seems to be 80 for non-SSL connection.

When I try to connect to it via Python (non-SSL, using port 80), I get an error:[{"code":90,"message":"Unauthorized access"}]. Not specifying a port defaults to 9200 I believe and simply times out.

If I use the original API key (non-SSL with port 80), I can connect, but I don't want to use it since I only want to run search queries.

So how can I use the read-only API access key to connect via Python and port 80? Maybe there's another port for non-browser connection, then what is it?

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Ferhat Sobay Jul 23, 2019 05:33PM +03 Searchly Agent

SSL port is 443 and non-ssl is as you mentioned is 80, so both should work.

For access-keys, since they are scoped with index or alias, you need to ensure providing them at request.

So for instance using access key the request;

curl -XGET will fail but curl -XGET will succeed.

Can you please share your code piece related connection section ?

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Vit Jul 23, 2019 06:15PM +03
Port 443 didn't help me establish an SSL connection in my previous attempts.

The python code is
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
from elasticsearch_dsl import Search

client = Elasticsearch({SEARCHBOX_URL with AccessKey swapped out}, port=80)
This works for the main SEARCHBOX_URL, but not for the one with the read-only access key.

By the way, the Connection URL Searchly provides for the read-only Access Key doesn't work in the browser for me, gives the same Unauthorized access error. The only way I can connect is to swap out the API key from the main SEARCHBOX_URL.
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Ferhat Sobay Jul 23, 2019 07:18PM +03 Searchly Agent
I think you need to remove "" thus root access not available with access keys.

Just checked and ssl needs;

client = Elasticsearch({SEARCHBOX_URL with AccessKey swapped out}, port=443, use_ssl=True)

please see


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